Stock & Procurement

Analysis of your current process, contracts, costs, storage and systems.
Automating processes and maximising efficiency saving you time and money.

Growing Ideas



Initial assessment of your current stock and purchasing procedures will be conducted for us to create a bespoke proposal for you to review.


We will then devise new processes to improve your current operations and will start discussions with staff and suppliers looking into contracts, costs, storage & systems.


Once the plan is approved we will then work with you to implement these changes to increase efficiency and lower costs.


Analysis will then be conducted to show you the improvements that have been made, displaying you where you are becoming more efficient and where you are saving money.

Growing Ideas



We will do an initial assessment of your current procurement.


Comprehensive research will be done on new suppliers & providers.


We will then oversee negotiations providing you with more competitive pricing and better working contracts.


Once the negotiations have been conducted and agreed upon we will then manage the transition to the new suppliers.

Final Overview.

Lastly, we analyze the changes made and give you a full savings breakdown.