Marketing & Sales

Our aim is to get people interested in your brand and buying your products & services. From paid advertisement to email campaigns, old and new customers, we can walk you through and implement the best marketing and sales strategies.

Growing Ideas

Proposal & Contract.

Initial research and analysis of your marketing will be done so that we can get a better indication of how you currently advertise. We will then create a bespoke proposal for you to review.


Understanding the best way to market your products & services is key to developing a good marketing strategy. Comprehensive research is vital to being able to set up a strategy to gain more customers and continued business. There are many ways to advertise your business, we will look into improving your current streams and developing new opportunities to gain a wider presence.

Plan & Action.

After extensive research has been conducted we will execute a bespoke strategy to develop your marketing.

Feedback & Analysis.

The changes made will be analysed so we can see how effective they have been. We will then reassess the plan, making and implementing improvements.