Analysis & Strategy

Analysis of your current operations to break down your business,
then strategic action to keep you ahead of competitors and running efficiently.

Growing Ideas

Proposal & Contract.

Initial research and analysis of your business will be done so that we can get a better indication of how you currently operate. We will then create a bespoke proposal for you to review.


DW Consult will enter the business and embark on a relationship with all high level management allowing us to break down and understand how each section of your business works.


We will then research your business and its competitors to gauge where you are in the market, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and targets.

Plan & Action.

A plan will then be proposed for you to review, detailing where changes need to be made.

Feedback & Analysis.

The changes made will be analysed so we can see how effective they have been. We will then reassess the plan, making and implementing improvements.